Just as cyber-attacks evolve to be more and more advanced, so do security solutions. There are many types of security solutions and they serve to cover your security needs from designing and building to day-to-day security management. Concerning Endpoint Security Solutions, they facilitate faster detection and elimination of endpoint threats to not only boost visibility, but also reduce business risk. When it comes to Network Security Solutions, they offer foundational security that guard firewalls, server technology and IDS/ IPS so as to protect your networks. Regarding Cloud Security Solutions, they protect every stage of your cloud deployment and have your digital information secured.

Electronic Security Solutions, on the other hand, touch on technologically advanced installations such as CCTV surveillance systems, access control system, security alarm systems, etc. Video analytics and facial recognition are popular technologies adopted in these installations. Access control systems, for instance, use biometric to control access in and out of areas. In times of pandemic, the need to detect body temperature before one goes in an establishment is higher than ever. Some security solutions in the market are able to feature not only an access control and security alarm system, but can also detect body temperature a dozen of targets simultaneously. With a high accuracy and short response time, security solutions that detect body temperature are in high demand in times of pandemic.

An IP Camera is also an amazing installation that worth mentioning. To give an illustration, the ‘phone alarm’, digital zoom’, and ‘IR-Cut night vision’ features in an IP Camera enable you to keep an eye on your house like you have never left it – you can take action at once when the camera detects abnormal intrusion and sends you an alarm. Your home is more secured than ever with an IP camera installed.