The electronic giant SHARP is giving the world another multifunctional device that will make their day-to-day activities easier. The new Office Printer HK is an attraction that significantly upgrades offices in numerous ways. Firstly, it serves as a printer, photocopier, and fax machine. Thus, users will remove various products from the office and replace them only with one. As a result, the office will get additional space and better functionality.

Another outstanding feature of the SHARP Office Printer HK is the exclusive banner printing. Printing banners was not reachable by regular printers before. Now, workers can print 1.2m long banners without exiting the office. Banners are exceptionally important for presentations and advertising. Not so long ago, the only way to print them was to go to other local printing offices; that’s not needed anymore with the new Office Printer HK.

Apart from distributing products to Hong Kong via certified partners, SHARP also provides IT Solution HK. Clients can request end-to-end office services from the SHARP team anywhere in the region. Whether it’s for one computer or all computers in the company, managers can book SHARP IT Solution HK promptly.

Some of the services that SHARP includes in the IT Solution HK are Data Backup, Computer Setup, Network Setup, and Antivirus. Clients can book these services separately or all together. Also, SHARP provides one-time packages as well as scheduled maintenance. Customers can request a quick repair or continuous maintenance of all the company systems. All terms are discussed between the client and the SHARP customer service in Hong Kong.