CorVino is a top wine school in Hong Kong with outstanding courses that make professional wine tasting easy and enjoyable. The most popular course that participants attend in large groups is the WSET Hong Kong. To receive more information about the course, educators invite all wine enthusiasts to contact them. They will learn the purpose of each course and how far people can get professionally by educating themselves at CorVino.

WSET Hong Kong has 3 levels in Wines and 3 levels in Sake. The first level in wine is the most popular course. It introduces the world of wines to wine lovers and people with aspirations to work in the industry. Participants explore wine types and styles through smell, sight, and taste. They obtain basic skills that are the foundation of every other level of the WSET Hong Kong. The first level also teaches members how to describe wines and pair them with food. Upon the completion of the course, all the participants receive a prestigious certificate that can serve them in future careers.

Level 2 of WSET Hong Kong in Wines educates participants on the grape varieties. It shows them the differences between varieties, as well as the regions in which they can be found. The course combines theory with tasting, making it interesting and easy to learn. CorVino is proud of all the wine professionals that started their careers at this wine school. The journey continues for this group as they welcome new members that are decisive to attend the best wine courses in the region!