Do you know what a gemstone is? What is your first impression of a gemstone? Be careful, we are not talking about currency in mobile games! If you do not have any idea about gemstones, please join this lesson and after that you will have more knowledge of gemstones.


Gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal, rock, or organic matter. It is beautiful, durable and rarity. It can be used to make jewelry or other adornments. There is a long history of gemstone and have long been used for jewelry. In ancient times, people started to use gemstones to make jewelry. Before gemstones become jewelry, they look like ordinary rocks. However, after a skilled cutting and polishing the color, gemstones will become beautiful and valuable jewelry. 


We understand what a gemstone is, and now let us talk about the major gemstones in the world. First, diamonds. Diamond is the most popular of the major gemstones in the world. It is the hardest substance on Earth. It occurs in assorted colors. For example, white, gray, black, blue, pink, green, red and brown. The color depends on the chemical inclusions. Also, there is a grown diamond that has developed in the lab. Second, emerald. Emerald is a form of the mineral beryl. We can discover emeralds in Africa and South America. The color of emerald is vivid green. Third, sapphire. Sapphire is a gemstone quality variant of the mineral corundum. The colors can be blue, yellow and pink.


Your gemstone knowledge has been improved. Please keep it and find out more information about gemstones.