Nina Mall is an exclusive flagship retail and leisure destination located in the Tsuen Wan district. It is an unavoidable place for locals and tourists. Frequent visitors can enjoy the privileges of the mall by obtaining a Nina Club Member card that will give them amazing advantages, which includes great discounts at the Tsuen Wan Car Park

Becoming a Nina Club Member gives every visitor numerous benefits at this commercial building. When they sign up, members can download a premium app created for this prestigious group. They can monitor their activities on the app, check their transactions, and balance, redeem coupons and they can also surprise other users by transferring their points to them. Nina Club Member card is ideal for people that visit the mall frequently. They collect points while enjoying their time at the mall and they can use them all together afterward.

Tsuen Wan Car Park offers over 400 parking places. Visitors do not have to worry about their cars while exploring the mall. In fact, their purchases at the mall affect the prices of the parking as well. If they spend over $100, visitors will get one hour of free parking; if they spend over $200, they will get two free hours! There are also several great discounts on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays.

Locals know that they can get anything they need at NINA Mall while enjoying delicious food and having their vehicles parked safely at the Tsuen Wan Car Park. This place continues to be an attraction for leisure, shopping, and dining so there are more and more members of the Nina Club every day!