English Class is all fun and games until your teacher assign you a writing task, isn’t it? Worry no more, try to apply the following tips for your next article writing – you’ll find the task way less dreadful. Better yet, you can apply them for your next social media post too!

  1. Use strong verbs. The best way to make sure your article stands out is to use strong verbs. Using strong verbs will make your article sound more interesting. This means that when you’re writing, you should use verbs like “say”, “go”, “do”, and “write”.
  2. Keep it simple A good rule of thumb is to keep it simple. You don’t have to use complicated words if they are not necessary. If you are writing an article or a social media post, you should focus on the main point and avoid getting lost in the details.
  3. Write about what you know. Writing about something you don’t know can be difficult. You have to do research before you write about it. This takes a lot of time. When you’re writing about something you don’t know, your article will lack credibility.