KELLY Support Group, a nonprofit organization that provides Teen Mental Health Service HK is expanding the list of collaborators as they partner with various educational institutions in Hong Kong. This group has been educating young people on drug and alcohol abuse since 1991. With a Drug Prevention Workshop and a range of engaging practices designed to captivate young minds and show them all the harm behind drugs, KELY has influenced students in the region positively for years.

Every Drug Prevention Workshop was designed carefully to meet the needs of people between the ages of 14 and 24. There are various programs that specialists adjust depending on the participants’ needs. Educators can consult the Teen Mental Health Service HK to select an adequate program for their groups. In the case of schools, KELY offers workshops for primary schools and secondary schools.

The Drug Prevention Workshop answers basic questions students may have about drugs. They will learn what is a drug, what is an addiction, they will see some examples of how drugs can negatively affect a person’s life and they will learn how and why to avoid drugs if they have been offered or pressured by someone to take them, among other interesting topics.

Apart from educating students on drug and alcohol abuse, the Teen Mental Health Service HK offers a variety of services that help participants with stress management and understanding their own emotions. Leaders of communities that can benefit from KELY’s workshops can get in contact with this group, create a plan and introduce programs to their institutions shortly.