Qualifying for prestigious colleges and universities in the USA requires intensive preparation. High school students need to score high on exams that determine their knowledge and capabilities. SAT is an entrance exam that most colleges and universities use. To secure a good score, students are highly advised to hire an SAT Math Tutor

SAT Math exam has 58 questions and lasts for 80 minutes. The highest score of the section is 800. The total score of the SAT exam includes the second section – Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW), also with a maximum of 800 points. Combined, the maximum total score can be 1600. 

If you are an ambitious high school student, aiming to study in a reputable American University, such as the Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Chicago, and Yale University, among others, you need to score high on your SAT exam. The math exam is not easy. The more points you are aiming to reach, the more difficult the questions become. However, with a qualified SAT Math Tutor, you can prepare for the exam on time.

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If you need effective math lessons that will make you see how challenging the subject can be, while also helping you pass the SAT exam, reach out to Vic Li, your reliable SAT Math Tutor.