EdUHK has changed the approach of students to Faculty with its innovative comparative cultures of care. This educational institution received enormous recognition in Hong Kong because of its unique teaching methods and flexibility that help all students excel in the areas of their preferences.

Comparative cultures of care revolve around the significance of connection and communication. The purpose of this idea is to empower students to pursue careers in the areas of their interest and EdUHK helps them form solid knowledge, practical and critical skills that they can later apply in their professional and personal lives.

The results of EdUHK’s students serve as the best confirmation of the efficiency of comparative cultures of care. Four scholars are ranked among the world’s top 2% scientists by Stanford University and EdUHK is extremely proud of its contribution and correct education that assisted these talents in making memorable results.

In order to maintain high standards of educational services, EdUHK continually expands and develops its programs. Courses are regularly updated to keep up with the latest global and regional events and changes, while educators also continue to upgrade their teaching methods and improve their programs.

Recently, EdUHK celebrated its 10th Anniversary with an elite ceremony that reviewed all the accomplishments and changes that its students and educators took part in. The plans for the future presented at the ceremony announced changes and continual development of the courses; considering its history of consistency and success, it can be concluded that the popularity of EdUHK will grow even more shortly; not only in Hong Kong but worldwide.