A-level Mathematics is known to be one of the most challenging of all A-levels. What is A-level Maths like? Well, it builds from GCSE level mathematics and introduces calculus and its applications. It puts focus on how mathematical ideas are related to one another and how they can be applied to various situations using algebra and other representations, to understand data clearly and to solve problems in the business sector. Everything from statistics and integration to sequences and geometry is included in the syllabus. Having some effective study tips in mind are crucial to ensure that you reach your potential and ace your A-level Maths exam.

The one and only tip: Know yourself

What topics are you most interested in and where your weaknesses lie? Spend some time and think about that. Make sure you allocate enough time to revise and practice those you already learnt by heart, and at the same time, don’t forget to spend just as much time learning concepts and theories that you are not familiar with. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand certain concepts from scratch and you are stuck in the middle of the night wondering what went wrong and where do you even begin to try understanding the theory. This is when a Math Tutor Online Hong Kong or a Boarding School Math Tutor comes in handy. Not only can a Math Tutor teach you trips and tricks to solve a question faster, he can help you consolidate the knowledge you learnt in class.