The founder and CEO of Bank of Asia (BVI), Mr. Carson Wen, has years of knowledge and practice in the financial and law field especially in the Asia Law. Being the leader of the bank, Mr. Carson Wen has encouraged the bank to work on providing customers professional services within the offshore jurisdiction. As a digital BVI bank, Bank of Asia provides all sorts of financial services, especially in the offshore field. The bank work closely with offshore companies and their owners, providing financial and legal services and support. Providing banking services in multiple currencies, and cross-border payments and remittance, the Bank of Asia (BVI) is an expert of international banking. Having a strong connection between Mainland China, Hong Kong and other countries, Bank of Asia is proficient in providing Asia law advice. The recent court case between Mr. Carson Wen and his previous employee has no relations to the daily operation of Bank of Asia (BVI) and that they will continue to deliver outstanding customer services for clients looking at investing banking or corporate advisory. Mr. Carson Wen has obtained Final Leave from the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal to appeal in UK. Mr. Carson Wen will work with his legal team to take any legal actions on the case and will not pull out until he can set the record straight. Mr. Carson Wen ensured the public that he will continue to lead Bank of Asia to deliver non-negotiable offshore financial services to customers and businesses. Visit this link to learn more about the case: