Hong Kong is known as one of the regions with the best business opportunities in Asia. The business market is highly competitive so companies need to be extremely active and creative if they want to stand out. Event management in Hong Kong is an essential service for every ambitious company. Business owners and managers are aware that they need to hire professionals to organize important events. Otherwise, they could ruin the company’s reputation. A certified PR firm is the solution to all event-related projects.

MEMO + is a PR agency with headquarters in Hong Kong. They provide an exceptional event management service to companies of all sizes. Therefore, new and old business owners are all welcome to hire MEMO Plus for event organizations.

Event management at MEMO + includes all phases of the event. The MEMO Plus team creates a project plan, helps the client select the best venue for the event, and assists in budgeting. Moreover, this PR agency designs the event theme creatively so it suits the style of the company, which includes audio and visual support.

By hiring a PR agency, clients do not even need to worry about the invitations to the event. As a part of the event management, MEMO Plus is also in charge of inviting guests, sponsors, and the media. If there are any other aspects of the event that require assistance, the MEMO team is open to new tasks.

To receive full service, clients should book a consultation with MEMO + at least a few weeks before the event to achieve impeccable organization.