As a professional hk event management company, MEMO Plus Production (MEMO Plus) provides creative and trustworthy event planning services for your company. MEMO Plus’s professional event planner hk provide strategy and manage the projects from reviewing the budget, choosing venues, scheduling, communicating with different stakeholders including media and production houses, as well as coordinating logistics. They will work closely with internal business units and external vendors to guarantee a successful execution. Planning a perfect event is not easy but with the help with of MEMO Plus, their event planning hk services take care of the whole event process from the preparation, evaluation, execution to post event review to ensure marketing events roll out seamlessly aligning with brand personality fulfilling business objectives and goals. Managed over 450 campaigns and events like festivals, business conferences, milestones ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions here in HK, here are some of the skills MEMO Plus’s event planners possess for a successful event management hk: Organized, Flexible, Passionate, Calm under Pressure, Energetic and Collaborative etc. A good media exposure of an event arouses public awareness of your brand, MEMO Plus’s event planner collaborates closely with different media houses and provide services like press conference, press invitation, media interview and follow up exposure, in order to maximize media coverages from online to offline. Event management is a tool for strategic marketing and communication. It is also a way to communicate with current and potential customers. So, if you want to organize a perfect event for your company, please reach out to MEMO Plus anytime.