The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down. Among others, a significant number of businesses utilize the online environment more than ever. A helpful online staff training platform, for instance is gaining a lot of popularity among HK businesses. In fact, the purpose each online staff training platform serves may be different from another and therefore it is common for HK businesses to opt for a few instead of only one platform. Learning management systems (LMS), learning experience platforms (LXP), and micro learning platforms are some examples. Managers upload training materials on LMS to cater to formal business needs such as onboarding and compliance maintenance whereas for LXP, staff is the one who contribute and curate content. Micro learning platforms are especially helpful when it comes to onboarding and enhancing technical knowledge. Content can be created easily and consumed quickly, and staff can learn on the go.

A user-friendly virtual career fair platform is just as popular. What makes a virtual career fair platform an ideal option then? Imagine we are job seekers. It has to be easy for us to find our desired booth within a career fair and engage with employers using text or video call. Now let’s think like employers. First, pre-written responses to common questions need to be made available so that we do not have to repeat the same old thing over and over again. Second, we need to be allowed to chat with multiple candidates at the same time. Third, there should be no limits on users or seats so we can run our career fair as large or small scale as we want.